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Ok so it's been over a week since AT4, so this is probably going to be a little scatty at best (and the notes I wrote make no sense whatsoever, lol). But I will give it a try because I promised[info]rory_elizabeth (Jamie, miss you so much girl. Email me. ;)),[info]sapphsand many more.

all the madness under the cut.... enter at your own risk.... :)Collapse )

Oh and my photo with Amanda, I don't like how I look. But I may post it laterz. Kkk. *squishes you all*

(Random: But totally loving Susan Boyle - wild horses. Brought off itunes. 99p for a song. Grrr! What do other countries charge for a single song just out of interest????)

And were walking......

Omg much apologies for last nights post. Lol I can't help myself when I am that drunk. My friend Sonia stayed at mine and she was like 'ooohh, what's livejournal?' And I was like 'welllllll.....' and then drunk posting seemed like a fitting idea.

I have no hangover though \o/ . We have had 6 hours sleep, up at 10 and her parents just came down from Scotland to pick her up (they are on their  way to Cheltenham for a birthday party and then Son will go back to London. They didn't just come from Scotland to take her home. ;)). Good times, good times. We did a pub crawl, ended up in Reflex (an 80s bar) I got my ass pinched a lot and got a guys number on a piece of paper in my bag (yeah, not going there, could be a freak, I have no idea, lol). Pictures to come later, maybe. :P

Now I MUST watch BSG because omg I hear it's fraking amazing!!!!!

Bristol! Part deux!!

So little_whispers</lj>  and I just spent ages typing this out together and she has kindly put it on her journal in a public post so go here to see it.

It's very long so we understand if you don't read it. I guess it's more for our memory than for others. Enjoy! :)

Fecking weather!!

Omg I know all I seem to talk about is the weather. But this is getting beyond a joke. When Birmingham gets some bad flooding, you know it's bad out there. We flood (occasionally), but rarely is it ever that bad. Now I have been in work all day (7.30am-8.30pm) so I have been oblivious to the outside world.... But my brother took pictures around Bournville today (where Cadbury World is... mmm yummy chocolate :P) and I can't believe what I saw. 

This is what the stream at Bournville park usually looks like.....



Just saw London's '8 minute' presentation for what's to come in 2012. Lollipop ladies, bus stops, UMBRELLAS, red bus, BECKHAM *drools :P*, Leona Lewis and Jimmy Page. Weird but bloody funny. You gotta love us Brits. ;) 

ETA: The party in London. They have the freaking 'We will Rock You' cast singing atm. Why can't I be in London now??? _aleca_I hope you are somwhere near the Mall today. Told you you'd be in for a party today when you flew out to London. ;)

Harry Potter.

Mad Gators on Tour part 3.

I am back from Dublin. Zomg I have had a wonderful day over there, didn't really want to come back, lol.

Quick thank you to suekay_87 , Shelsfc and Teknikal_ninja for a wonderful day. *♥ you guys*. For the next meetup, wherever it may be (Birmingham or not ;)), we definitely need to get gatebee and somnium_sg1to come! :)

Anyway I am in need of a cold shower and then mah bed. Getting up at 3.30am this morning was a killer. :P


Sex and the City 2???

HBO confirms Sex and the City Movie sequel according to Digital Spy!

Hmmmmm, not quite sure what to think. Imo they should not make a sequel. However much I'd like to see the fab four again, I don't think it would ever live up to the first, and I really think it's a bad idea.