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About me:- Tracey. 25 years old. Lives in Birmingham, UK. Paediatric Nurse. Loves her friends and flisters. Loves going out and having a good time. Huge procrastinator. Fangirl. Squeeful. Loyal. Trustworthy. Friendly. Crazy. Loves hot chocolate, cocktails and chinese food. Hates smoking and the smell of it. Tends to worry a lot. Is a little clumsy.

Fandoms:- Farscape. Sanctuary. Ashes 2 Ashes. Stargate SG-1. House. Battlestar Galactica. 30 Rock. Sanctuary. Grey’s Anatomy. Will&Grace (totally my most treasured tv show ♥). Pushing Daises. Friends.

The shipping: John/Aeryn (Farscape). Sam/Jack (SG1). Daniel/Vala (SG1). Alex/Gene (Ashes to Ashes. Adama/Roslin (BSG).Meredith/Derek (Grey’s Anatomy). Alex/Izzie (Grey's Anatomy). House/Cuddy (House). Mulder/Scully (X-Files). John/Elizabeth (SGA).

Boy and Girl crushes :P : Claudia Black. Ben Browder. AMANDA TAPPING. Keeley Hawes. Richard Dean Anderson. Tina Fey. Mary McDonnell. Patrick Dempsey. Eric Dane. Johnny Depp ♥. Hugh Laurie. Lisa Edelstein. Edward James Olmos. Joe Flannigan. Megan Mullally. Kate Walsh. Noel Fielding. Russel Brand.

Other Stuff:- This Journal is now friends only because I'd like to know who is reading my entries. New friends are still ♥ so comment on this friends only post, and if we have some interests or flist members in common then I shall most likely add you. :)

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